CRAZY ROWS It is a project of Viña BISQUERTT that seeks to revitalize the heritage grape varieties of Chile (CARIGNAN, CINSAULT, PAIS AND MOSCATEL), highlighting the wine-making identity of our country. Thus, Viña BISQUERTT joins the effort of thousands of small producers who are trying to keep alive and rescue this living treasure of Chilean viticulture.

Why CRAZY ROWS? Because the old vines from which the grapes that make these wines grow are not planted in orderly rows like modern vineyards, but rather like shrubs, without wires, in completely crazy and disorderly rows.


Those who are behind the grapes from which CRAZY ROWS are born are a true reflection of the efforts of thousands of small producers, who, throughout Chile, strive to continue cultivating their old vines, brimming with a unique viticultural legacy. This effort will not be able to be sustained in the coming years without the support of wineries such as BISQUERTT, which seek to promote in Chile and the world the recognition of these strains and the wines they can produce.


Each of the CRAZY ROWS wines are made with grapes from the so-called “Patrimonial Strains” of Chile, which correspond to varieties that arrived in our country many years ago, some like the PAIS strain more than five centuries ago. of the Spanish colony. In Chile, the vineyards of these varieties are characterized by being very long-standing, planted at the top – that is, without a structure of wires and sticks to support them – and in dry conditions, which do not receive irrigation. They are generally small vineyards, worked by small producers who maintain the traditions of their ancestors.